Welcome to Act-Belong-Commit YOH Fest, and congratulations on being involved in the most exciting youth performing and visual arts experience in the state!

Thousands of young people participate in YOH Fest events held across WA... What is Yoh Fest?

Act-Belong-Commit YOH Fest is a leading forum for youth health education in West Australia, allowing thousands of school students to take part in an innovative and revolutionary approach to health education through the arts. First established in Mandurah in 1998 to help equip local school students with the tools to make healthier lifestyle choices; YOH Fest has grown into a State-wide competition that educates and empowers thousands of young people every year to lead a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

YOH Fest uses the arts platform for primary and high school students to explore important health issues and to harness their creativity and enthusiasm to convey these health messages to their peers; by researching, constructing and presenting their creations around the annual health theme in the form of drama, dance, song, short film and visual arts at one of the YOH Fest 'live' heats held across WA. Here they are judged, with the top items invited as finalists to the State Grand Final for the chance of the ultimate crown of Act-Belong-Commit YOH Fest Winners!

No-one knows yet, how 2021 will pan out with the pandemic. But at this stage, we presume the traditional 'live' format will resume in 2021. However, due to the unprecedented success of using the 'virtual' platform in 2020 - it too will be retained!

This gives participants the option - of entering through either platform - in 2021.

Registrations opening soon!

Karen Lyons
Karen Lyons - YOH Fest Coordinator

Karen has been the face behind the scenes of YOH Fest since 2011.

Her outstanding communication and organizational skills is what keeps YOH Fest running so smoothly. The thrill of the whole festival is what drives her; seeing the whole event come together throughout the course of the year and being amongst all the incredible talent and powerful stories shared.

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